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Organic Cotton Produce Bags 4 Pack Mix

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4 Mix
4 Large


My Vita Bag - Certified Organic Cotton Produce Bagsy Vita Bags are:

-Breathable: They prolong the life of fruit and veggies in the fridge and come with a convenient string attached to tightly secure the bags.

-100% plastic free and marine safe

-Machine washable (cold wash)

-Natural, waste free and reusable

Each pack contains: 

1 x large  x Organic fruit and Veg Net bag (28 by 33 cm )

1 x large x Organic Veg ,Bulk bin, nut milk bag Muslin (28 by 33 cm)

1x small Organic fruit and Veg Net bag (20 by 25 cm )

1 x small x Organic Veg, Bulk bin, nut milk bag Muslin (20 by 25 cm)

Or pick 4 Large no choose

* Since My Vita bag is made from 100% natural fabrics please allow 10% for shrinkage






Care Instructions