Fundraise with Us

We like being the good guy and want to make a difference with providing good quality eco products, but we are also committed to serve the community by providing a fundraising strategy for clubs, schools, and communities groups.

Fundraising is an integral part of each not-for-profit group and Kiwi kids are leading the charge for environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, both at school and at home. We are here to support you on your sustainability journey by providing ethical practical products and great advice.

We will help support your cause all the way by providing you your own customized marketing posts and flyers. We are right here with you!

Online: We create an e-commerce page on our own website showcasing your fundraiser and products for sale. We collect the money and send orders directly to customer if they pay for shipping or to you for free school/club delivery. We pay out your commission within a week of end date. 

Order Form: Risk free you send order forms ( that we provide ) home with families and they take orders from friends, family, workmates and neighbours as well as collect the money. You will then place the final order with us and we will send to you within a couple days to distribute. 

Take home method or sell at fair: This does carry risk but packs the best punch. You don't have to distribute at the end either but you do have to pay upfront and also collect money. Unsold product can be returned for a refund. 

 A combination of the above also works well. Best to call or email for further information. 



 How to make it happen? Get in touch to work out what options is best for you, we can either send you bulk product or get your fundraising page up and running to send out as a link to your community asap.  Email