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Fancy and extendable! STRAW + CASE

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My Eco Vita Stainless Steel Straw + Keychain

The Stainless Steel (304) Straw is collapsable which is perfectly compatible with tall and short cups.

This straw is perfect to take with you everywhere as it comes in a super hygienic capsule with a keychain attachment. You can attach the case to your bag or keys and carry it with you wherever you go .

With My Eco Vita collapsable straw not only will you save some money as you’ll not need to keep buying disposable straws that you would only use once. These are also eco-friendly which will ultimately lead to less plastic straws used around the world. This decreases, even if slightly, the number of animals above and under the sea harmed by the plastic trash that humans produce.

Join us in our mission to rid the world from single use plastic, save the planet one plastic straw at a time.




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